Kim Jong Un: The other side of the coin…

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Political Memes - kim jong un memes 2
Political Memes - kim jong un memes 2

As the antics of the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un continue to rock the world, the Internet continues to make memes on him. With the large amount of Kim Jong Un memes on the web, he is now almost a trending topic!

The world is laughing at these memes, but here’s the irony. The North Koreans can’t even see any of them for themselves, being cut off from using the Internet. Having a little fun at the expense of a nation that has fallen in the hands of craziness can’t be too bad, right?

Here are the funniest memes of the leader who tried to be a dictator, but got laughed at instead.

Political Memes - kim jong un memes 1

No, Kim Jong Un, you surely did not mean that! But this meme is hilarious, and very aptly presents the flip side of the coin.

Political Memes - kim jong un memes 2
Political Memes – kim jong un memes 2

Those expressions! Starting from the wry look on the face of the soldier on the right to the smirking glance of the soldier on the left – this meme sure captures an otherwise (probably) grave order given by Kim Jong Un, and turns it into something so completely ridiculous that you can’t help but laugh! Smell that finger, soldier!

Political Memes - kim jong un memes 3

And that face again! This particular scene has sparked more than a hundred memes, and all of them are as good as the next! Launch, what launch? Kim Jong Un said lunch, and it’s just not fair that everyone heard him wrong!

Political Funny Memes - kim jong un memes 4

Whoa. So the scary, creepy leader of North Korea turns into the adorable Psy (remember Gangnam Style?) after eating a Snickers bar? Not really. But if only the fix was as simple as this!

Funny Political Memes - kim jong un memes 5

Isn’t that taking it a bit too far? For a game of Sudoku, really? There are a lot of us out there shaking our heads right now.

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