How Miley Cyrus at the VMA’s will go down in history: Illustrated

Funny Memes - miley cyrus memes 5
Funny Memes - miley cyrus memes 5

Ever since Miley’s “memorable” performance at the MTV Video Music Awards, the Internet has been up and running, doing what it does best: making a ton of funny memes. Twenty years down the line, this is how her performance will be remembered – through memes, of course.

Funny Memes - miley cyrus memes 1

For all the mistaken assumptions he makes, Cereal Guy may have gotten this one right this time! If rumours are to be believed, Liam Hemsworth plans to call off his wedding plans with Miley, post her raunchy VMA performance! No pain, no gain, eh, Miley?

Funny Memes - miley cyrus memes 2

And here comes Ben Affleck again. But wait, for once, Miley has stolen all his thunder! With so much trash being spoken of his casting as the next Batman, we can safely assume how happy he is that Miley has taken him out of the spotlight.

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No one knows exactly where this picture of Jim Carrey surfaced from, but this is one meme that we can’t help but love! They look so alike, we can’t help but wonder if Miley drew any inspiration from this. Either way, way to go, Miley! You look totally like… Jim Carrey. Oh.

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Looks like the Snickers commercial can be used to great effect for just about any meme! You seriously can’t help smiling at how Miley gets back to her “pre-twerk” sugar sweet Disney star days after eating a Snickers bar! But of course, kiddie Miley, or “post-twerk” Miley, you are free to take your pick!

Funny Memes - miley cyrus memes 5

Except that she is not really Hannah Montana anymore. While people can fondly look back on her Hannah Montana days, and scratch their heads wondering whatever happened to that girl, the part about too much attention being given to her has a ring of truth in it. Syria is about to get bombed, who cares about some starlet, right? Wrong!

Funny Memes - the joker and miley cyrus

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  1. I actually liked her in Hanna Montana. She’s changed so much and my opinion of her has also. It’s a shame really.

    I’ve yet to show a video of her at the VMA’s and I’m glad I haven’t! Funny how that incident made her instantly popular!