Another reason to thank the Internet – gifting us the Doge meme!

Dog Memes - doge meme 2
Dog Memes

One meme that has flown off the shelves (virtually, of course) ever since it was created is the “Doge” meme. Pictured on a Shiba Inu dog, this meme has been sourced from the Shiba Confessions blog on Tumblr, and has become a rage since!

If you’re wondering what all the fuss is about, scroll on to see the funniest Doge memes that have been created, depicting the activities of Doge. With text in the memes sprinkled with words like “very”, “wow”, “much” and “such”, this meme is a laugh riot.

Read on for your dose of funny memes based on Doge, the dog. And yes, it’s not a spelling mistake. It is spelled Doge!

Dog Memes - doge meme 1

That’s Doge for you. And that’s what he does when he wakes up every morning! Sunshine, alarm clocks and cereal – Doge does it all, in his own way! Such fun!

Dog Memes - doge meme 2

Doesn’t look like Microsoft will be too pleased that Doge has been mimicking their latest product, but if this isn’t funny, I don’t know what is? Doge proudly presents the improved and amazing Windoge 8! He even got the logo spot on!

Dog Memes - doge meme 3

For all the Fifty Shades fans out there, how about a copy of Fifty Shades of Doge, from our very own lovable – wait for it – Doge? He’s even got his own review printed up there! Off to the bookstore, everyone. A must read? YES!

Dog Memes - doge meme 4

Imagine poor helpless Doge, scrambling about on the streets, trying to find his way back home. Doge is troubled, scared, and, well, we are not so sure about the “wow” part of getting lost; but oh well, that’s Doge for you!

Dog Memes - doge meme 5

Want to take sides on whether that rock actually does look like Doge or not? Doge sure thinks it does. After all, it has taken millions of years, much pressure and much balance. Wow Doge!

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One Comment

  1. the windows 8 one made me giggle.

    he seems really popular now! he’s the star of his own book and more importantly on a rock (famous, I presume? I don’t recognize it!)xD